New Mexico

The following linked publications are a sampling of work conducted in the 1980s and 1990s on New Mexico geothermal systems.

Shevenell, L., and Goff, F., 1996, In-situ tritium production and fluid mean residence times in the two subsystems of the Valles Caldera hydrothermal system, New Mexico: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, 47th Field Conference, Jemez Mountains Region, p 455-463.


Shevenell, L., and Goff, F., 1995, The use of tritium in groundwaters to determine fluid mean residence times of Valles Caldera hydrothermal fluids, New Mexico, U.S.A.: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 67, no. 1–3, p. 187–205.


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Goff, F., Shevenell, L., Gardner, J.N., Vuataz, F.D., and Grigsby, C.O., 1988, The hydrothermal outflow plume of Valles caldera, New Mexico and a comparison with other outflow plumes: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 93, no. B6, p. 6041–6058.


Musgrave, J.A., Goff, F., Shevenell, L., Trujillo, P.E., Jr., Counce, D., Luedemann, G., Garcia, S., Dennis, B., Hulen, J.B., Janik, C., and Tomei, F.A., 1988, Selected data from continental scientific drilling core holes VC-1 and VC-2a, Valles caldera, New Mexico. pg. 1-71.


Shevenell, L., Goff, F., Miles, D., Waibel, A., and Swanberg, C., 1988, Lithologic descriptions and temperature profiles of five wells in the southwestern Valles caldera region, New Mexico: Los Alamos National Laboratory Report LA-11165-OBES, 43 p.


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Shevenell, L., Goff, F., Vuataz, F.D., Trujillo, P.E., Jr., Counce, D., Janik, C.J., and Evans, W., 1987, Hydrogeochemical data for thermal and non-thermal waters and gases of the Valles caldera—Southern Jemez Mountains region, New Mexico: Los Alamos National Labratory, 53 p.


Goff, F., Nielson, D.L., Gardner, J.N., Hulen, J.B., Lysne, P., Shevenell, L., and Rowley, J.C., 1987, Scientific drilling at Sulphur Springs, Valles Caldera, New Mexico: Core Hole VC-2A: Eos Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, v. 68, no. 30,



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