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          產證服務處 電話TEL:(886) 2-25812832 地址:台北市中山區松江路164巷17號1樓 Email:[email protected]

          Taiwan Chamber of Commerce (TCOC) is authorized by the Government, The Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, to issue a full range of Certificates of Origin (C/O). Our service is efficient, convenient and reliable with the aim to improve exporters’ efficiency and to promote Taiwan business in worldwide.

          For further information, please contact our Certification Department.

          >>Certification Dept.
          ADD.:1F. , No. 17, Lane 164? Sung Chiang Rd. , Taipei City, Taiwan R. O. C.
          TEL. : (886) 2-25812832
          FAX. : (886) 2-25679375
          E-Mail:[email protected]

          >>C/O Counter Operation Hours
          Mon. to Fri.: 8:30am-12:00an; 13:30pm-17:30pm

          >>Service Charge
          An NT$250 fee Charge for C/O and export documents are based on one ‘set’ of document.

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