ATLAS is a collection of experts in geothermal exploration and assessment with global experience, prominent reputations and over 100 years of combined experience in Geothermal Systems Exploration and Assessment.  The range of expertise covers geochemistry, geophysics (active and passive seismic, gravity, magnetics), remote sensing, geologic mapping, hydrogeology, temperature surveys, well placement, permitting, regulatory issues, environmental affairs, land acquisition, transmission issues, drill target identification, drill test evaluation, production well location, and development of commercial power generation facilities.  Team members also have demonstrated ability to successfully obtain significant funds from public offerings and World Bank sponsored loans. The collected individuals are an efficient, proven team with years of collaborative geothermal research, exploration and assessment work that is documented in this web page under services and expertise.  They have global experience, both geologic and cultural, in a variety of terrains and resource types.  Additionally, The Team has valuable project development skills via experience through extensive interactions with government agencies and public communication through oral and written media.  The Team’s experience in assembling and managing teams of leaders in the geothermal industry with a wide range of expertise make ATLAS a premium choice for your geothermal exploration, assessment and development needs world-wide.

Note, numerous publications are listed to demonstrate experience in the Services and Geographic Areas Menus.  Copyrighted papers are not posted here but are available upon request from the authors.

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